Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nivea Body Lotion Rescue review

For my first post here I will talk about this Nivea repair and care 48h body lotion. I have been suffering from some serious dryness since the beginning of summer and things just gotten worse in Ramadan with long hours of fasting and not much water drinking at night.  A lot of the people around me recommended the Skin-Cap cream which is a good lotion and it does work for extreme eczema and dry skin but with a weight of only 50 g and a price tag of KD 8 I was only using it for the extreme affected areas and not all over my body. I experimented with a lot of lotions that claim to cure dryness but non came close to the Skin-Cap. Until one day I picked this Nivea repair and care 48h body lotion from the supermarket to try. I was amazed by how good this stuff works. It is really light weight just like the Skin Cap feels on the body but it hydrates the skin immediately and the skin continues to feel soft and moisturized till the next day without feeling greasy. I can't confirm to the 48h claim but I have noticed after a few days of using it that my  hands became very soft and they were very dry and flaky before. The Nivea body lotion is less than KD2 and it is a big bottle of 250 ml and is also made in Spain, the Skin Cap is made in France, and is available in all the supermarkets. I also used it on all my kids including my one year old and we haven't noticed any sensitive reaction to it. Of course if you suffer from eczema with chopped and cracked skin then I would say buy the Skin-Cap. But if you just need a body lotion that really works to clear away dryness then this Nivea repair and care is the one. 

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