Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Parenting Confessions

It was one of those hectic nights a few days ago. I am trying something new in the kitchen, my youngest (18 months) is whining over something he wants  , my oldest daughter (10 yrs) is trying to make something for herself in the kitchen too, and the middle daughter is tuning in youtube and the volume is really high. I can't stand all this noise and the "everything is going wrong" situation and I lose it...just because I can. I screamed, I yelled , I shouted,  I took all the electronic devices , I lifted my youngest and put him in another room and then I began to blame my oldest for things that she probably can't take responsibility for.. just to make myself feel better (  very ashamed of that). What stroke me that night is that even when I am at my angriest and most frustrated my daughter still felt safe and secure to reply to my accusations and clear them off herself. She didn't yell back or cry . She didn't stay silent and just take everything in. She stayed calm, talked to me in a very respectful way and argued back. And actually at that moment- even though I just lost my temper and did wrong- I actually felt proud of myself and of my daughter. Because if she can still talk to me in this kind of situation ,when I am most frustrated, then I must me doing something right. No one is perfect, but we can all concentrate on what we are doing right and continue improving in the areas that we fail behind.

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